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Susu note


SusuNote (pronounced sousou note) is an application that allows you to take notes of all information, regardless of the form on which it is presented.WHY USE SUSUNOTE:
This interest is observed in different aspects.
MULTIMEDIA:Create notebooks with text content, images and videos.
STRUCTURED:Create topics and subtopics to organize each of your consistently notes.
SHARING:easily share your notes with friends and family on every social network.
CHECKLIST:This is one of the essential tools to plan and organize your tasks, it shows you the percentage of taks which are already executed when you check them in the list. You can create checklists of products you want to buy, of daily tasks to perform and even todolist.
PRODUCTIVITY INSURED:you are in a conference, meeting or you follow a presentation? Note the explanations or film presenter in SusuNote.You have a new timetable, posters or information to note? Take photos and share them via SusuNote to your mates if necessary.You have many projects or activities to manage? Structure it in SusuNote by creating a blocnote by activity, document all your activities with notes and plan your actions with checklists.
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